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RIMS @ Home 2020

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Virtual with Ventiv

Ventiv Digital:
The smart way to capture data from the field

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The ability to capture quality risk data, is becoming ever more critical in the corporate insurance space. Whilst demand for data is growing, most risk and insurance managers face a problem in how to access and input data in a timely manner.

Ventiv Digital provides a solution that empowers risk and insurance managers to create a customisable data intake set, which can be accessed and used by the organizations field users - enabling real time data feeds as they happen.

This webinar will cover off some of the pain points for a risk and insurance team and how Ventiv Digital can address these:

  • What are current pain points for gather high quality risk data
  • How organisations are capturing data in a smart way
  • What are the various data intake examples Digital can be used for?
  • How would a Risk Manager use Digital versus a field user

This session is presented by David Thomas, Commercial Director (EMEA)




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