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RIMS @ Home 2020

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Virtual with Ventiv

The Link Between Patient Safety and Hospital Reputation

Find out what steps your organization should take to protect your reputation

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The COVID-19 crisis is likely making it even more difficult for healthcare organizations to focus on reporting patient safety incidents. Yet, it is still important for risk management and patient safety departments to identify incidents that are early warning indicators, take rapid action to mitigate their effects and develop processes to prevent re-occurrence. 

In today's competitive healthcare environment, a hospital's reputation is critical in attracting physicians, patients, and potential partnering organizations. Although it takes years to build reputations, it can take seconds to destroy it.

This webinar will explore steps an organization needs to take to protect their reputation:

  • Importance of detecting your vulnerabilities early
  • Steps to protect your hospital’s reputation during a crisis
  • Anticipate and prevent future incidents, while improving patient safety
  • Why patient safety/risk management software is critical to protecting a hospital’s reputation




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